Horizon 2020: Opportunities for Researchers from the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities

Horizon 2020: Opportunities for Researchers from the  Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities


Opportunities for Researchers










This document lists current funding opportunities with relevance to Socio-economic Sciences
and Humanities (SSH) in various research areas within Horizon 2020.
Horizon 2020 aims at fully integrating SSH in each of its pillars and specific objectives. The
framework regulation states that “In relation to the societal challenges, social sciences and
humanities are mainstreamed as an essential element of the activities needed to tackle each
of the societal challenges to enhance their impact.” SSH is therefore a cross-cutting issue
and embedded in the whole framework programme. While SSH research aspects are
particularly present in the societal challenge ‘Europe in a changing world: Inclusive,
innovative and reflective societies’, which has the specific objective of supporting social
sciences and humanities research, they are also present in all other challenges and in other
parts of Horizon 2020.(…)