Horizon 2020 : Analysis of the integration of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities

Analysis of the integration of Socio-economic



Horizon 2020, the upcoming EU’s framework programme for research and innovation for the  time period of 2014-2020, aims at strengthening Europe’s scientific and technological base,  fostering benefits for society and better exploiting the industrial potential of policies for innovation, research and technological development. It shall play a central role in the  accomplishment of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
Horizon 2020 will provide a Common Strategic Framework for the Union’s research and  innovation funding activities, and thus is intended to support the creation of new job opportunities, long-term sustainable growth and competitiveness as well as the tackling of societal challenges across the Union.
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH) will be an integral part of Horizon 2020 and  a cross-cutting issue through the whole programme. SSH are supposed to be embedded in all pillars of Horizon 2020 as an essential element of the activities needed to tackle each of  the societal challenges to enhance their impact. Specific support to SSH will be provided by the societal challenge “Europe in a changing world: Inclusive, innovative and reflective