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Cultural heritage Digitisation, online accessibility and digital preservation REPORT on the Implementation  of Commission Recommendation 2011/711/EU


This report reviews and assesses the overall progress achieved in the European Union in implementing Commission Recommendation of 27 October 2011 on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation (2011/711/EU)2, as well as the related Council Conclusions of 10 May 20123. The Commission had presented a first report in 2008, with its Communication ‘Europe’s cultural heritage at the click of a mouse’ (C0M/2008/0513)4 and a second report in 20105, both regarding implementation of the Commission Recommendation 2006/585/EC6 on the same topic.
In 2011, the Commission recommended to the Member States an updated set of measures for digitising and bringing cultural heritage online, and for digital preservation, in order to ensure that Europe maintains its place as a leading international player in the field of culture and creative content and uses its wealth of cultural material in the best possible way. Such measures include further planning and monitoring of digitisation actions, setting clear quantitative targets, expanding funding and re-use conditions through public-private partnerships and structural funds, pooling digitisation efforts, improving access to digitised public domain material as well as conditions underpinning large-scale digitisation, cross-border accessibility of out-of-commerce works and long-term preservation of digital cultural material and web-content.


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