Copyright Policy And The Right To Science And Culture









‘In the present report, the Special Rapporteur examines copyright law and policy from the perspective of the right to science and culture, emphasizing both the need for protection of authorship and expanding opportunities for participation in cultural life.

Recalling that protection of authorship differs from copyright protection, the Special Rapporteur proposes several tools to advance the human rights interests of authors. The Special Rapporteur also proposes to expand copyright exceptions and limitations to empower new creativity, enhance rewards to authors, increase educational opportunities, preserve space for non-commercial culture and promote inclusion and access to cultural works. An equally important recommendation is to promote cultural and scientific participation by encouraging the use of open licences, such as those offered by Creative Commons.’

The report is comprehensive and thorough and well worth a read. Due to this, it is also fairly difficult to summarise, so for purposes of enticing readers of this post to go and read the full report, I’ll simply highlight one aspect of the report, namely its overview of best practices. (…)



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