Dia Internacional dos Museus 2018 desafio os museus a criar conexões


O Dia Internacional dos Museus do próximo ano – 18 de Maio de 2018 – desafio os museus a estabelecer conexões com os seus públicos:

18th May 2018
Hyperconnected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics

In an increasingly connected world, it is impossible to understand the role of museums without considering all the connections they make. They are an inherent part of their local communities, cultural landscape and natural environment. Technology allows museums to reach beyond their core audience through something as simple as a hashtag. For some museums, technology is not even required to establish new connections – to approach their collection in a new, innovative way is enough to attract new audience. On International Museum Day 2018, museums all over the world will be encouraged to find new approaches and new audiences by exploring, strengthening and creating connections.

Fonte: ICOM Europe